Ali Bohlooli

Computer Architecture Engineering

Faculty of Computer Engineering

Tel: +98-31-37935622,

Email: bohlooli[@], a_bohlooli[@]

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Research Interest
   Cyber-Physical System
   Networks Security
   Internet of things
   Hardware implementation of networks protocol using FPGA
   Wireless Networks

Academic Resume
   Phd, Computer Engineering, University of Isfahan, Iran, Graduation Date: 2011
   Master, Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, Graduation Date: 2003
   Bachelor, Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, Graduation Date: 2001

International Journal
1. Hashemi SNS, Bohlooli A., Analytical modeling of multi-source content delivery in information-centric networks , Computer Network, 2018.
2. Yazdinejad A., Bohlooli A., Jamshidi K., Efficient design and hardware implementation of the OpenFlow v1.3 Switch on the Virtex-6 FPGA ML605 , Journal of Supercomputing, 2018.
3. Nikzad M., Bohlooli A., Jamshidi K, Performance evaluation of error control schemes for distributed video coding over wireless multimedia sensor networks , Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2017.
4. Ebrahimi S.A., Reshadinezhad M.R., Bohlooli A.,Shahsavari M., Efficient CNTFET-based design of quaternary logic gates and arithmetic circuits , Microelectronics Journal, 2016.
5. Arabi K., Bohlooli A., Medium Access Control layer management for saving energy in Wireless Sensor Networks routing algorithms , Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers,2015.
6. Bohlooli A., Jamshidi K., Profile Based Routing in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks , SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences,2014.
7. Ghasemi M., Abdolahi M., BagMohammadi, M., Bohlooli A., , Adaptive Multi-Flow Opportunistic Routing Using Learning Automata , AD-HOC NETWORKS,2015.
8. Bohlooli A., Jamshidi K., Detecting the vehicle direction changes for routing algorithms and applications of vehicular ad hoc networks , IEEJ Tran. on Elec. and Elect. Eng., Vol.7, No.3, 2012
9. Bohlooli A., Jamshidi K., A GPS-free method for vehicle future movement directions prediction using SOM for VANET , Applied Intelligence April 2012, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 685–697
Research Journal
10. E Hajian, K Jamshidi, A Bohlooli, SELECT OF OPTIMAL SLEEP STATE IN ADAPTIVE SMAC USING DPM , International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering 1 (2), 1763-1767, 2010
International Conference
11. S Shabani, N Moghim, A Bohlooli, EOpR: An Opportunistic Routing algorithm for Ad-hoc Networks , Computer and Knowledge Engineering (ICCKE), 2015 5th International
12. E Hajian, K Jamshidi, A Bohlooli, Increasing WSN Lifetime by Using Learning Automata for Optimal Route Selection , 2010International Conference on Information, Networking and Automation (ICINA)
13. H Bohlooli, K Jamshidi, A Bohlooli, Proposing an Optimal Model for Localization in Query Based Wireless Sensor Networks , MEMS, NANO, and Smart Systems (ICMENS), 2009 Fifth International Conference
14. S Mirshams, K Jamshidi, A Bohlooli, A Dehghani, Data reduction using clustering method in wireless sensor network , Ultra Modern Telecommunications & Workshops, 2009. ICUMT '09

1. A Bohlooli (2017), Chapter 4: Opportunistic Vehicular Communications. In Opportunistic networking: Vehicular, D2D and cognitive radio networks (pp. 83-122), Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press.

1. Ranked 1st in the UI computer architecture PhD exam entrance exam, University of Isfahan , Isfahan, Iran, 2006.
2. Awarded by the president of ICTI for research activities and achievements ,2005
3. Awarded by the president of IUT for research activities and achievements ,2005
4. Ranked 2st IUT computer architecture students throughout M.Sc., Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2004.
5. Ranked 1st IUT computer engineering students throughout B.Sc., Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2002
6. Exempted from the M.S. entrance exam in Iran as an exceptionally talented student. 2002

Number Student Name Title Defence Date
1. Reza Elyasi Improving the Accuracy of Electricity Theft Detection System in Smart Grid, M.Sc. Thesis, (Supervisor:Kamal Jamshidi, Advisor: Ali Bohlooli), 2016. 1395
2. Mohammad Hossein Kiani SPM Management at Embedded Operating Systems Level, M.Sc. Thesis, (Supervisor:Mohammad Ali Montazeri, Advisor: Ali Bohlooli), 2014. 1394
3. Reza Elyasi Improving the Accuracy of Electricity Theft Detection System in Smart Grid, M.Sc. Thesis, (Supervisor:Kamal Jamshidi, Advisor: Ali Bohlooli), 2016. 1395
4. Omid Sheykhi An Adaptive Algorithm with Low Processing Cost for Request Routing in Content Delivery Networks, M.Sc. Thesis, (Supervisor: Ali Bohlooli and Kamal Jamshidi), 2015. 1394
5. Samaneh Shabani On the fly candidate node selection in Opportunistic Routing for wireless ad-hoc network with energy consideration, M.Sc. Thesis, (Supervisor: Neda Moghim, Advisor: Ali Bohlooli), 2015. 1394
6. Jafar Alishahi Reducing the energy overhead in black hole attacks detection in mobile ad-hoc networks, M.Sc. Thesis, (Supervisor: Hooman Nikmehr and MohammadReza ReshadiNezhad, Advisor: Ali Bohlooli), 2015. 1393
7. Mortaza Nikzad An Adoptive, Unequal Error Protection for Distributed Video Coding in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network, M.Sc. Thesis, (Supervisor: Ali Bohlooli, Advisor: Kamal Jamshidi), 2014. 1393
8. Zeinab Latifi Design and Implementation of Packet Capturing System for High Speed Networks, M.Sc. Thesis, (Supervisor: Kamal Jamshidi, Advisor: Ali Bohlooli), 2013. 1392