Amir Hosein Monadjemi

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Faculty of Computer Engineering

Tel: +98-31-37934035

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Research Interest
   PDEV: Physical Demobilization and Elimination of Viruses : In this research possible physical methods for demobilizing and eliminating the viruses would be studying. We aim to evaluate the effects of different energy fields and signals such as electrical, magnetic, and acoustic on various viruses
   AI and DIP Applications in Car Industry : Red Light Runners Detection System: We are going to develop robust, accurate, and real time algorithms to visually detect the red light runners in the cross roads. The cameras provide video footages of traffic scene and system firstly detects the cars and then monitors their movements, and alerts any violation
   Scene Analysis and Understanding using Artificial Neural Networks : Automatic analysis and understanding a scene can be applicable in many areas such as outdoor scene analysis for retarded people guidance, surveillance systems, traffic control, and so on. A combination of lower level image processing techniques, an ANN-based analyzer, and higher level structural method may results in a robust scene analyzer.
   Texture Analysis and Defect Detection : That was my PhD thesis topic and the main research topic since 2001. With applications in industrial quality inspection and medicine

Academic Resume
   Phd, Computer Engineering, , England , Graduation Date: 2004
   Master, Computer Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran, Graduation Date: 1994
   Bachelor, Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, Graduation Date: 1990