Life at FCE

At the Faculty of Computer Engineering, we follow our own approach to computer engineering education and research. Students are encouraged to try their hand at different activities. Peers and experienced faculty from around the country, first-rate instructional and residential staff, and the beautiful University of Isfahan campus create a truly special experience. 

Often, as students reach the conclusion of their studies, they wish it would never end and later reflect on the experience as one of the best they have ever had.

At the FCE, we have a single mission: to make the time students spend on their studies and research the best experience possible.

Despite being  centered on academics, life at the FCE and Isfahan includes a host of activities that are intended to bring variety to the students’ lives.


Our objective is to allow students to work at the intersection of computer engineering research, technology entrepreneurship, and emerging markets. The entrepreneurship consulting office is available to provide students with the tools that they need to commercialize their research findings. Furthermore, students who are interested in creating their own businesses can get in touch with the Entrepreneurship Center at the University. 


Students at the FCE can enjoy food at the faculty’s cafeteria which serves a variety of options for breakfast and lunch. Mid-afternoon snacks are also served at the cafeteria. For lunch, students can also go to the University’s own cafeteria which provides low-priced healthy meals for all students. There are also two restaurants, one located adjacent to the university's mosque and another near the dormitory buildings. 


The Office of Student Accommodations is the primary authority in the university responsible for student housing. Students attending the FCE can choose to stay in residences that are used by the University’s students during the school year. Male and female students live in different buildings. It is also possible to rent affordable housing near the university.

International Scientific Cooperation Office

The International and Scientific Cooperation Office in the University of Isfahan started its activities in its present form a few years after the university was founded. More recently, this office extended its activities to include international scientific collaborations, international conferences, bursary affairs, and sabbatical leaves as well as the issues related to international students and ceremonial events. The University of Isfahan has entered into more than 70 contracts on scientific collaborations with various universities worldwide namely universities based in Germany, Armenia, Spain, England, Italy, Turkey, China, Japan, Sweden, Syria, Iraq, France, Canada, Lebanon, Malaysia, and Indian.