The FCE includes four departments focusing on different areas of computer engineering.

Software Engineering

Being one of the the oldest computer engineering departments in the country, the Software Engineering Department was established in 1971 as part of the Mathematics Faculty. The department joined the Faculty of Engineering in 1985. Since then, software engineering has been an integral part of computer engineering activities in the University of Isfahan. The department is proud to be working with over 30 Ph.D. candidates and over 60 master's students. The department is famous for its work on semantic technologies and model-driven software engineering.

Artificial Intelligence

Currently, the Artificial Intelligence Department accepts students at the graduate level who specialize in one of two areas: Intelligent Systems and Data Engineering. The department was first formed in 2004 and began its doctoral programs in 2008. The programs comprise a host of theoretical, practical, and research courses in pattern recognition, intelligent system design, image processing, machine learning, and decision-making, among others. Upon graduation, students have a deep understanding of the core principles of artificial intelligence as well as cutting-edge research being conducted around the world.

Computer Architecture

The Computer Architecture Department focuses on the design, implementation, and installation of computer systems of different sizes and purposes. Undergraduate students in the department, majoring in hardware engineering, are trained in an array of fields including hardware design, computer networking, system hardware assessment, and system maintenance as well as both high and low-level programming languages. In 1997, the department began its graduate program by offering Master's Degrees in Computer Networking and Distributed Systems. This was followed, in 2005, by the introduction of Doctoral Programs in the same two areas.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department was established in 2004, working with a total of 35 undergraduate students during its first year. Over the years, the department has grown to include Master's Programs in Information Security, Computer Networking, and Electronic Commerce as well as a Doctoral Program in Information Security. Having eight faculty members, the department is currently training 165 undergraduate students, 65 master's students, 3 Ph.D. candidates.